Neuhaus Chocolate and a Neuhaus History Collection Giveaway

Veni, vidi, chocolate! I was invited by Neuhaus to try the new Neuhaus History Collection – how could I possibly say no? But I am not keeping all the chocolate goodness to myself. For 2 weeks I am also giving 3 lucky chocoholics the chance to win the Neuhaus History Collection. Yes, the whole box. All 28 pralines inside.

Rubis – Wine bar

Staying local we sip wine at Rubis, a great corner wine bar serving affordable wines and delicious snacks. We loved it!

Cafe de la Presse – Brunch in Brussels

Because we were in the neighbourhood we stoped at Cafe de la Presse. Check, check, and check. For more daily insights into Brussels life follow us on Facebook ( or Instagram (@onfoodandwine)

Summer Hiatus

When I started talking in #hashtags I realized it was time for a digital hiatus. Now I am back for an autumn filled with delicious news. For more up to date news you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter (@onfoodandwine). It truly is la rentree.

Gin & Tonic the Lindemans Way

Trying out a Belgian gin … which (un)surprisingly makes a fantastic gin & tonic. And drinking a Royal … without the cheese.

Pistolet Original

We finally made where the whole Brusels blogsphere already went … twice. A short and tasty stop at Pistolet Original.

Workshop Cafe – Brunch in Brussels

Yes, we are out eating brunch again. This time in the heart of the Brussels shopping district.


I promise this will not be a long post … as really the photo speaks for itself. Sweet heaven!

Prelude – Brunch in Brussels

A short review of Prelude, a restaurant specializing in bento boxes for lunch. You say hipster … I say Prelude.

La Villa Lorraine

Or how to dine in style in Brussels. Food and service of Michelin star quality with a modern twist.