Gin & Tonic the Lindemans Way

Trying out a Belgian gin … which (un)surprisingly makes a fantastic gin & tonic. And drinking a Royal … without the cheese.

Pistolet Original

We finally made where the whole Brusels blogsphere already went … twice. A short and tasty stop at Pistolet Original.

Workshop Cafe – Brunch in Brussels

Yes, we are out eating brunch again. This time in the heart of the Brussels shopping district.


I promise this will not be a long post … as really the photo speaks for itself. Sweet heaven!

Prelude – Brunch in Brussels

A short review of Prelude, a restaurant specializing in bento boxes for lunch. You say hipster … I say Prelude.

La Villa Lorraine

Or how to dine in style in Brussels. Food and service of Michelin star quality with a modern twist.


… the year our lives have changed …

Lists, lists and more lists

Having a baby in Belgium is a great reason to make even more … lists

Random Katch-Up

Random blog post where I share interesting stuff in or out of Brussels.


Taking a culinary trip to Greece in Brussels at restaurant Notos.