Bananas. Chocolate. BBQ.

2011 update

… as it is really warm in Brussels these days, and I assume many will be firing the bbq tonight. So I thought I’ll re-post this simple, delicious and famous by now recipe (Jaden, thank you again for taking it up in your book!). Bananas and chocolate on the bbq. There have been many variations on this since so I hope you will enjoy it and let me know how it tasted🙂

More foodie life in Brussels updates coming soon. Now off to enjoy the rest of this sunny Sunday …

2008 original post

I am still in complete and utter shock. Not only at how easy this (bbq’ed) dessert is but that I have never, ever tried it before. And I consider myself a foodie? Pfff…

(Sorry, if you already had these bbq’ed chocolate bananas before … then you might want to stop reading now. Because I am just starting to rave!)

We first tried these chocolate-bbq’ed-bananas in Champagne. Instant amazement. Instant satisfaction. BBQ perfection. Easy to make. Straight forward ingredients. And they take no time to make. Hello? What more would one want? What struck me most was they are so very easy to make, and obviously the combination tastes divine – how come I never thought of it? Was I living on a different planet all this time? How come every other bbq’ing person I know in Brussels never heard/thought of it? Do we know the wrong (BBQ) people? For a moment or two I felt that we have wasted years of BBQs. Years we didn’t know of this dessert.

Which left only one option: We made up for it ever since. Every time we have a BBQ, or are invited to a BBQ, we make these chocolate-bbq’ed-bananas. The upside of this? We ‘wow’ everyone as no one seems to have either had or heard of this BBQ dessert in Brussels. We’re like the BBQ-dessert-queen&king around town.

What’s more about these chocolate bananas is that they are not only dead easy to make, I have now started to have my own ‘range’. Let me explain. (You see, with practice, comes wisdom!) I tried this dessert with very ripe bananas, but bbq’ed they go way too mushy for my taste. I also tried them with black chocolate only, but that ended up being too bitter. So now my winning chocolate-bbq’ed-banana dessert is: take a firm banana, slash it in the middle with a knife, and then stuff (alternate) black and milk chocolate squares, in the middle. Place the banana on the BBQ while you have that last bite of meat, that glass of red or rosé, and then finish your BBQ with the ‘roasted’ chocolate-banana. You will have the most divine, gooey, lush dessert. Melted chocolate in the middle, baked, warm banana around, all held in a hot, black pouch (skin). De-li-cious!

Can one live on bbq’ed chocolate and bananas alone?

These chocolate-bbq’ed-bananas are also my contribution to the Monthly Mingle event, this time hosted by Live to Eat.

Hungry for more?

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65 thoughts on “Bananas. Chocolate. BBQ.

  1. These look divine! I haven’t tried bbq bananas with chocolate. I will try them next bbq. I usually bbq them in their skins then, take them off and fill them with brown sugar and whipped cream, yum😛

  2. OK I am definately going to have to try this at the next BBQ opportunity! Absolutely fab idea, never had heard of it either… wish I could had seen a photo of what it looked like after BBQed! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I grew up camping (rv’ing I guess) and we made these all the time. But with marshmallows. You should try it with them, its amazing! We also cooked them in the campfire after the fire died down a bit. All you do is stuff them and then wrap the banana in foil and put it in the coals for a bit. YUMMY!

  4. This is simply gorgeous. I would never have thought of grilling bananas, but now that I see it – I can relate to the flavors. Perfect! thanks for joining us at the MM with this great entry!

  5. We did that in Girl Scouts: slice a banana, stuff it with chocolate and marshmallows, wrap it in aluminum foil and toss it in the camp fire. We called them “Banana Boats.” It takes longer than s’mores, and it’s messier, but sooooo worth it….

  6. I have never tried BBQ bananas, but you have made me want to try this.. next weekend when I (finally) have access to a BBQ grill.. I will try these (not sure if they will get the same affect with a George Foreman grill, lol)

    YUM!! Thanks🙂

  7. We make these and call them Banana Boats. But a little different we take the banana out of its peel and put it in foil with chocolate stuffed in it and marshmallows and fold it all up. Once its nice and toasty you scoop it out with graham cracker squares. YUM!

  8. WOW my mouse stopped dead in its tracks on tastepsotting – These look great and how easy. I also like some of the comments about wrapping in foil and adding marshmellows – YUM – I would unwrap and put over a bid scoop of ice cream!!


    I saw this post from..some other food blog, don’t remember. Sort of forgot until today while shopping, picked up a couple dozen bananas, BBQd almost all of them stuffed full of all the chocolate I could find at home. Huge hit at my dad’s birthday party dinner when combined with my homemade vanilla bean ice cream (thanks for the suggestion, rubyj!).

  10. Another good treat is to dip potato chips in melted chocolate. If you do it ahead of time it is a great desert with the salty and sweet taste. Use firm chips. Dip just part way and place on waxed paper. if its a hot day keep in frig. Enjoy. A good winter time treat too!

  11. Hmm haven’t made these in a long time, I use toblerone dark chocolates, I place the triangles of chocolate peak side up, so that when they melt in the bananas its chewier at the base because of the nougat..yum!

  12. Ooooo good idea, gotta try this before the summer ends. I think instead of a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side, I am going to try that Haagen Dazs Reserve fleur de sel caramel or some dulce de leche ice cream.

  13. I don’t have a grill…anyone have alternatives to how to make these? Microwave? Oven? Over the gas burner somehow?

  14. every summer at camp i teach my girls how to make banana boats. its based on the same idea but has more of an outdoors smore idea.
    you take a banana and make 2 slices to create a V in the banana. you then fill the V with hershey’s chocolate and small marshmallows. once your fire has got some nice coals, you let it sit on the coals till the chocolate and marshmallows have melted.
    soooooooooo good.

  15. thank you ALL for your comments, and all the great suggestions. there is definitely a future for these grilled chocolate-filled-bananas🙂
    who knew they’d be such a hit?

  16. First off, you have a lovely blog! Great photography! Secondly, those bananas look divine. I incorporated bananas and chocolate into some of my eclairs, which you can see on my blog. Bananas and chocolate are so underrated when compared to strawberries and chocolate, raspberries and chocolate etc..!!

  17. What a great idea!!! I love it.

    Thank you for posting this beautiful recipe, I liked it so much I’ve included it in my Top funkiest Chocolate recipes on the Web >>

    Congratulations!! and looking forward to many more fab recipes.


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